Bella Roma

Roma. The Eternal City. One of my favorite destinations. It’s a magical place where history, culture, food, fashion, and religion collide. Read more on what to do in this fantastic city.

Bem-vindo a Lisboa

Such an amazing and gorgeous city of which I fell in love with its people, culture, food, and landscape. Read about my visits and get excited for a trip to this fascinating city.

10 Tips for Budgeting Travel

Whether you’re preparing for your first trip or your fiftieth adventure, it’s best to think ahead of your travel budget. Read on for my guide on how to better budget and plan for your trips. Bonus! Check out the free budget planning tool.

Tricks for Traveling Carry-on Only

Tired of paying for checked luggage? Read on to see how I travel with carry-on bags only and streamline what you take with you on your next trip.

In-Flight Comfort Essentials

Wondering what to take with you on your next flight? Read on for some of my favorite items that help me make long-haul flights more comfortable.

Weekend Escape in Quebec City

Thinking of visiting our neighbors to the north? Check out how I spent 4 days in the beautiful city of Quebec City, Canada.

Tips to Improve Your Travels

Over the years, I’ve come to rely on several tried & true practices that make air travel significantly more enjoyable and less stressful. Read more to learn how to improve your travel experiences — before you even leave home!